REMEMBERING LOVE: Smith Women Series 1 #sneakpeek

Derek was sitting on the edge of his bed staring thoughtfully at the white tiled floor when Beth entered. Even in the green hospital shrub, he was wearing he still looked imposing.  And she knew for a fact that his muscles were still as hard and as strong as they used to be, despite the fact that he had spent the past two months on a hospital bed, she knew this because she had cleaned his body every day for those two months.

 “Hey,” She said nervously and he turned his handsome face to look at her as she walked towards him. He already had a day’s growth of beards on his face; he looked at her with raised eyebrows as if to ask what she was doing in his room. But, he said nothing, just watched her curiously.

 Derek couldn’t deny that the nervous woman before him was beautiful; in fact, he considered the word an understatement. Somehow her small flat nose complimented her big brown eyes, her lips were round and full and he wondered how it would feel to kiss her, to taste her.  And, if they were really engaged then he was sure he must have done more than just kiss her; he wasn’t that kind of a gentleman. Her chocolate brown skin complemented his and her hair looked so soft and wonderful although it was packed into a messy bun, he wondered how it would feel to let her hair down and run his hands through them.

 But as beautiful she looked, she also looked terribly exhausted, she was probably tired from sitting with him all day and night in the hospital; he had learnt that bit of information from Caleb, his friend and doctor. What he did not understand was why he had so much contempt for her when he did not even know her. Yet, as much as he hated her, he wanted to hold her, he wanted to touch her. And, the way she bit her lip nervously, killed him.

 “Why am I so confused about how I feel about you when I don’t even know you?” He asked.

 Beth stared nervously back at him, how did he expect her to answer such a question. The doctor had warned her not to confuse him, but at that moment she was the confused one, she didn’t know what to do, or what to say.

 “You need a shave; I’ll do it for you unless you are ready to start growing your beards again.” She knew she sounded stupid but, she had to change the subject and unconsciously bit her lip again.

 Against his doctor’s advice and his own better judgement, he stood up and walked towards her, pulled her petite body close to him and the only thing she could manage as his mouth closed in on hers was a surprised gasp. Beth recovered quickly from her surprise and opened her mouth to receive his probing tongue. He knew her mouth, he knew her taste and it felt so good and warm as their tongues locked in a passionate dance. He felt love for and from her, but he also felt something else; hatred!

 He broke the kiss and released her; Beth stared at him with big brown confused eyes and swollen lips.

 “Get out!” He said ordered quietly with irritation and disgust. Beth flinched with hurt, but she did not try to argue, she simply turned on her heels and left. What she did not know was that Derek hadn’t been irritated by her, he had been disgusted by himself; he really needed to sort out his emotions.

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