Earth’s Magic, Episode 2; I Will Protect You

Kamaria let out a sigh of relief as the man she had rescued from the hunters slowly opened his eyes. He would be a little lightheaded and a bit incoherent but she was grateful that he had at least woken up.

It had been three days since she brought him into her home in the Realm of the Elements. Demon poison had spread rapidly from his wound to various vital parts of this body. Kamaria had had to harness deeply into Earth’s Magic to stop the poison from reaching his heart. Even now, the poison still lay dormant inside his body.

“You are awake,” she said softly and when he tried to get up from her bed of feathers, she gently pressed him back.

“Do not try to get up just yet, your head would hurt too much.” He obeyed her and lay back on the bed, looking at her through clouded albeit curious eyes.

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“Wa… Water,” He sounded groggy just like a man who had been asleep for three days would.

“Of course.” Kamaria got to her feet to bring him a cup of water. She pressed the clay mug to his lips and gently lifted his head slightly to allow the cool water seep easily down his throat.

“Thank you,” he said after he had drunk as much as his stomach could take, which wasn’t very much.

He had manners; she was surprised. She hadn’t encountered many humans in her lifetime but the few she had were rude and ungrateful, to say the least.

“Am I dead?” The question caught Kamaria off guard for a second and then she chuckled.

“As far as I know, dead men do not speak,” she replied and he smiled. He was still so weak but the smile brightened up his face. Suddenly, his expression changed – fear and panic darkened his eyes.

“The monsters… they are coming for me… they are…” he couldn’t finish his sentences as tears welled up in his eyes and the veins around his throat strained from the amount of pain he was trying to withhold.

Kamaria felt a pang of pain and sorrow within her. This was what the hunters did, they broke people, destroyed them from the inside out. But they must have known who he was, his aura was so glaring that even a blind person could see it. So, why had they kept him alive? Surely, they must have known that he was the key to their destruction.

“No, no,” she said softly almost as if she was cooing to a baby. “They are not coming; those monsters will never find you here.” But her words did not calm him down rather the mere mention of monsters made him even more agitated. He began to thrash violently on the bed as if he was about to have a seizure. 

“They are right behind me,” he cried. At this rate, he would tear open the stitches she had made over his wound. Not knowing what else to do or how else to help him, Kamaria flung herself on top of him and embraced him.

“The monsters are not coming and even if they do come, I will protect you.” She said and as an afterthought, she added, “I promise.” She pressed herself so tightly against him so that her warmth could calm him.

“You promise?” He asked, the agitation easing slowly out of his voice.

“I promise,” Kamaria reassured him. She meant it with every fibre of her being because he was important to her. Not just because he was the one the prophecy spoke of, the one she had been waiting for almost half of her life but also because in the three days that she had known and cared for him, he’d come to mean something more to her – he’d stirred feelings in her that she had thought were long dead.

Kamaria did not let him go until he calmed down completely. Then she slowly rose off him. She paused, hovering above him when her silver eyes met with his golden brown. She had never looked into eyes as captivating as his before – they told her of the bridled power that he possessed – power that he wasn’t even aware that he had. Slowly, he lifted his hand and tentatively stroked her face.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered just before his hand dropped back to the bed and he slipped back into unconsciousness.

Kamaria stared at him, stunned by his words. Although, she knew that his behaviour was an aftereffect of the medicine she had given him, of the magic she had used to counter the poison caused by demon magic in his veins. He most likely wouldn’t remember what he had just said when he woke up but she flushed all the same as her insides turned into jelly.

But the feeling did not last long, the severity of the situation they were in and fear of what laid ahead of them took over her mind. She got off him completely and smoothened down her dress with her hands – a thing she did whenever she was nervous.

She tucked his hands under the covers and pulled the covers over his chest, it wouldn’t do to let him catch a cold with all that they already had on their hands.

She pressed her palm over his forehead to confirm that he wasn’t running a fever, she smiled when she saw that he wasn’t. Then in the same way that he had earlier, she stroked his handsome face gently.

He was going to have a lot of questions the next time he woke up, she feared that he wouldn’t like the answers.

To be continued…

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