Earth’s Magic, Episode 3; Wrong on So Many Levels

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Fela felt a lot better than he did the first time he’d woken up. He sat up slowly not wanting to repeat the mistake he’d made the first time but he didn’t feel any pain in his head or any part of his body.

With a relieved sigh, he flung the covers aside and got out of bed, standing testily on his feet. When he was certain that his legs weren’t going to give under his weight, he began to explore the room.

The walls were rough and made out of clay, giving him the feeling that he’d been thrown back in time to prehistoric Africa, where the houses had thatched roofs and were made out of mud and clay. There were no windows so he couldn’t tell whether it was night or day. Candles burned on the many shelves that decorated the walls, giving the room a cosy and warm feel.

He ran his hands over the rough walls as his eyes scanned the room. There was an apothecary table – messy to say the least. There were ground herbs of different colours in tiny calabashes on the table, some of them had their contents spilled all over the table. There was also a stove on the table and it was still warm which meant that the woman couldn’t have gone far. 

Fela shook his head at the messy state of the table and moved along. On the walls were dried flowers hung upside down – he was sure they had some kind of meaning but since he wasn’t knowledgeable about such things, he let his eyes drift to the three large pots of the same size and colour that sat in one corner of the room. He wondered what they contained – water, blood?

He shook his head, why would they contain blood? The weirdness he’d been through in the past few days was messing with his head.

The room itself had a faint scent of earth and rain – a familiar scent.  He’d smelled it when he thought he was going to die in the rain and then again when the woman had embraced him just a couple of days ago, or was that yesterday?

He sighed, it was so frustrating not knowing what time of the day it was and how long he’d been in this place.

Who was the woman who had saved him? What were the things that had kidnapped him? When would he be able to go back home? Would he still have his job at the art gallery?

He had so many questions – he at least had the right to know where he was. The atmosphere gave off a weird, yet comfortable and artistic vibe and art was something he knew very well, something he could work with.

“You should not be walking about yet,” her voice startled him so much that he whipped about suddenly to face her and made himself lightheaded. He closed his eyes and took a moment to steady himself.

When he opened them, he found her watching him with concern in her eyes. She was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever laid his eyes on. Her golden-brown skin shimmered in the sheer white Greek dress with high thigh slits she was wearing. It left nothing to be imagined about the fullness of her curves or the roundness of her breasts.

She placed the bowl she had been carrying when she entered the room carelessly on the apothecary table, splashing its content on the already messy table and walked towards him. The gold markings embedded into her thighs and forearms seemed to sway with her as she walked.  The closer she got to him, the stronger the scent of earth and rain became – it was almost intoxicating.

“Who are you?” He blurted out the question that had been on the tip of his tongue since the first time he’d seen her. She smiled at him, the dimple at the bottom left corner of her lips deepened as she did.

“I am Kamaria,” She answered. “The last descendant of the Tsawon Rai, the Guardians of the Realm of Elements.” He loved the sound of her voice; he couldn’t place her accent but he loved how the words rolled off her tongue.

Wait, what did she just say, “the Tsa… What?” He sounded just as confused as he felt.

“I’ll explain everything to you in detail. But I don’t think I can do that with you looking like this,” She said in a low, seductive tone, trailing a finger lightly down his bare chest.

It took a few moments for the meaning of her words to sink in and he looked down to see that save for the bandage that she’d wrapped around his stomach and over his wound, he was completely naked and what was worse his dick was at its full length announcing the lust that was clouding his mind.

Kamaria followed his gaze down, her silver eyes had darkened into grey and a mischievous grin was playing at the corner of her lips.

“Oh shit,” Fela swore. “Kamaria, please don’t get the wrong idea. My body’s probably just reacting to the herbs you gave me or something.” He tried lamely to explain his situation to her. It felt as if his body and his mind were disconnected and he didn’t want her thinking he was some sort of pervert, but Kamaria placed a finger on his lips – preventing him from mumbling any more nonsense.

“Why would I get the wrong idea?” She asked, and before Fela could respond she leaned against him and replaced her finger with her mouth.

She kissed him gently at first, lightly pecking him on his lips then she deepened the kiss. Fela, against all common sense and reasoning, kissed her back. He was overcome with the sudden need to be inside her body – to feel every inch of her. He pulled her close and returned her kisses just as hungrily and greedily but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the burning desire within him.

The roughness of the markings on her forearms added sparks to his desires. Her breasts were just as soft as he had imagined that they would be and that hardness of her nipples pressed against his chest made him imagine what it would feel like to taste them.

She moaned her pleasure against his mouth and he paused. The sound of her moaning brought him back to his senses.

What the hell was he doing?

He pulled away from her and sighed into his hands. This was wrong on so many levels. He been kidnapped and had almost died just a few days ago. The last thing he should be doing was kissing the woman who had saved his life – a woman he knew nothing about. He should be focused on getting back to his life – to his dreams.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this,” he turned back to face Kamaria but was forced to take a step back by the anger that flashed through her eyes.

“Why did you stop?” She asked but it sounded more like an accusation.

“Kamaria, I…” Fela had no idea what to say, he had expected that she’d be angry but not for the reasons that she seemed to be and for the love of God, he needed to put on some damn clothes.

“Do you know how long I waited for you?” She said to him. Her voice was so cold it sent shivers down his spine.

“What are you talking about?”

“You think being kidnapped by the Hunters was a coincidence?”

Was this woman saying she was behind his kidnapping?  And what did she mean by Hunters – the monsters? Were they under her command? Come to think of it, it didn’t make sense that she had been able to rescue him so easily from the monsters. Was she one of them? Was this another sick game of theirs?

What the hell was going on? His head was beginning to spin.

“You are the person of the prophecy – the one of mixed blood. You are destined to put an end to the reign of terror of the Hunters and fix the blight they have put on the realms.”

“That’s bullshit, Kamaria. Did you have me kidnapped? Am I to become your slave?” He had no control over his emotions anymore and yelled out his pent-up frustration at her.

“What are you saying, why would I…” She froze midsentence, a look of horror blanketed her face, as if she saw something terrible on his face.

The ground suddenly began to shake violently, the candles went out and things fell off the shelves and crashed on the ground.  A sudden bolt of energy ran through him and he yelled. The apothecary table split into two as a crumbling and numbing pain in his head forced him to his knees. At first, he’d thought Kamaria was doing it to him, he knew she was no ordinary woman but the horrified look on her face said otherwise.

He held his head in his hands and cried, “please make it stop.”

“What is happening to me?” This had to be one long nightmare he couldn’t wake up from. There was no way all these was happening for real.

“It’s the awakening of your powers,” Kamaria yelled to him over the chaos.

No, she wasn’t yelling. He didn’t know when she had moved close to him but she was crouched right beside him. Everything was so loud inside his head – he could hear every single thing, including the sound of her heartbeat.

“You have to make it stop,” He said, grabbing her shoulders but the look in her eyes, told him there was nothing she could do to help him.

To be continued…

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