Earth’s Magic, Episode 3; Wrong on So Many Levels

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Fela felt a lot better than he did the first time he’d woken up. He sat up slowly not wanting to repeat the mistake he’d made the first time but he didn’t feel any pain in his head or any part of his body.

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Earth’s Magic, Episode 2; I Will Protect You

Kamaria let out a sigh of relief as the man she had rescued from the hunters slowly opened his eyes. He would be a little lightheaded and a bit incoherent but she was grateful that he had at least woken up.

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Earth’s Magic, Episode 1; Shrouded in a Cloth of Light.

Miley Cyrus – When I look at you
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Fela had always thought he would die peacefully in his sleep at ninety like his grandfather had.

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Synopsis of Pieces of Me:

Ivie, a physically challenged woman pushes beyond her boundaries and steps out of her comfort zone in search of love and romance, will she find the type of love she seeks or will she let her insecurities rob her of the love she deserves?

Omotunde is not looking for love, he is a soldier dedicated to his duties, he is driven by his love for his country and nothing else. But fate has other plans and he finds love in an unexpected place, with the most unusual woman.

Sea of Broken Things: A forbidden Romance Between a Prince and a Priestess #Excerpt #Romance #Fantasy

“You know, you’re going to have to talk to me at some point,” Adedayo said.

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REMEMBERING LOVE: Smith Women Series 1 #sneakpeek

Derek was sitting on the edge of his bed staring thoughtfully at the white tiled floor when Beth entered. Even in the green hospital shrub, he was wearing he still looked imposing.  And she knew for a fact that his muscles were still as hard and as strong as they used to be, despite the fact that he had spent the past two months on a hospital bed, she knew this because she had cleaned his body every day for those two months.

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