The goal this year is to surround myself with beautiful stories, so when I am not writing, you’ll find me watching Kdrama or reading a good book. To help myself read more books generally and especially books by African authors I’ll be posting book reviews on the blog now and then according to how my spirit leads me.

In that light, this is my first book review for the year – Hell Hath No Fury (An African Christmas Romance Anthology) well, not the entire book though.

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Synopsis of Pieces of Me:

Ivie, a physically challenged woman pushes beyond her boundaries and steps out of her comfort zone in search of love and romance, will she find the type of love she seeks or will she let her insecurities rob her of the love she deserves?

Omotunde is not looking for love, he is a soldier dedicated to his duties, he is driven by his love for his country and nothing else. But fate has other plans and he finds love in an unexpected place, with the most unusual woman.

#endSARS: An Anthology of Fettered Voices (Call For Submissions)

Hello people, I know it’s been more than a minute here. I’ve been working on a new manuscript which is why I have been MIA. We’ll discuss that another time. 

Today, I am calling for submissions for an anthology that I am collating to represent and tell the stories of women, disabled and queer people’s participation and involvement in the #EndSars protests.

People living with disabilities also includes people living with any form of mental illness.

I think of it as my own little contribution towards the creation of a better Nigeria that is inclusive of everybody. 

We cannot deny the active participation of these groups of people in the movement and how much their weight has helped push forward the agenda of a better Nigeria. However, we cannot also deny that women have been harassed and molested during protests, queer people have been shamed and assaulted into silence and the voices of disabled people have been ignored or taken less seriously than others and yet, we are all victims of police brutality and bad governance in Nigeria. 

This is an opportunity to tell our stories and have our voices heard however we want. 

The anthology once collated will be available for download in pdf on the blog and as a free ebook on Okadabooks for ebook lovers.


  1. You must be Nigerian either living in Nigeria or diaspora.
  2. You must fall into one or all of the categories of people mentioned above i.e women, queer or disabled.
  3. Your submission must relate to the #EndSars or #EndPolicebrutality or Movement.
  4. You can enter up to three submissions per person.
  5. Submission must be in word doc and not pdf.
  6. Please include a bio of yourself of not more than 100 words.


  1. Prose Fiction (not more than 1000 words)
  2. Essays (not more than 1000 words)
  3. Poetry (up to 40 lines)
  4. Photography
  5. Artworks


November 6th, 2020


Questions and inquiries should be sent to the same email.

I look forward to reading and compiling your amazing stories. Like a friend of mine would say; Stay Loud, Stay Angry!

All our voices matter!!!